Several years ago, it was known that car transmission usually comes in two types, manual and automatic, but recently, CVT gearboxes have become increasingly common in cars, and today we will know the reason behind that.

The CVT gear differs from the other two types by not including any internal gears, as it consists of an inner belt connected to two pulleys that contribute to providing smooth performance during acceleration and daily driving.

This smoothness comes through the belt movement mechanism between the two pulleys inside the transmission, which means that there is a very large number of speeds, which gives the driver a distinct feeling of high performance in a way that surpasses the traditional automatic transmission, despite the fact that the handles of both gear are almost the same.

These features, along with its high reliability, have contributed to the increase in the use of CVT gear in many cars recently, as the only noticeable disadvantage of it lies in the need to use a specific oil of its own on a continuous basis, which requires special attention and follow-up in regular maintenance and replacing its fluid on time, and in the case of non-compliance Thus, it has many problems in a shorter time than what happens with other transmissions.

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