One of the famous mistakes that some motorists may commit is supplying the fuel tank with 95 gasoline instead of 91 gasoline or vice versa, of course this error will not have a significant effect on the car engine, but what if the tank is supplied with diesel instead of gasoline, what will happen?

This problem is one of the common mistakes that occur all over the world, but Britain, for example, records statistics that have this problem for up to 150 thousand people annually, which is a very harmful mistake.

In the beginning, we must know that the chemical components in gasoline differ from diesel, as chemicals are added to gasoline that prevent it from combusting itself, and therefore gasoline engines carry ignition sparks to start the fuel burning process.

As for diesel, it is self-flammable in case it is subjected to high pressure, and diesel is characterized by high density, so in the event of an accidental supply of diesel it causes blocking of the fuel injectors, filters and lines of gasoline engines.

In the event that this error is not corrected by the driver, he will notice the car’s engine performance severely low, with the emergence of many problems and faults, including clogging of the gasoline filter and sprays and damage to the fuel pump, and even diesel can cause permanent damage to gasoline engines if the problem is not addressed. Soon

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