The spark plugs (spark plugs) are one of the most prominent parts that help the car’s engine run efficiently, as it delivers a high-voltage current of approximately 12,000 volts to the combustion chamber in the engine, in order to ignite the air and fuel mixture, which helps the car start.

Sparks can operate up to 100,000 kilometers well before the need to replace them arises, depending on the type of spark plug and the engine model. But sometimes motorists neglect to change the spark plugs at the end of their life, which causes many problems for the engine, including low engine power, consuming more fuel, and overheating.

Experts advise that the appropriate and recommended spark plugs should be installed from the manufacturers, because improper selection of the spark plugs leads to serious troubles and problems for the engine and its operation.

Where the spark plugs are exposed to very high temperatures ranging between 400-3000 ° C, and to great pressures, so they must be in accordance with the specifications of the company

There are two types of spark plugs, the first is a single head spark plug, which is divided into hot and cold, and the choice of hot or cold spark plugs depends on the car’s design, type and engine power.

The second type of spark plugs is the multi-head spark plug: The aim of using several heads of the spark plug itself is to strengthen the spark coming out of it, and to ensure that combustion occurs in the engine compartment.

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