Designers have sketched forecast photos of the Nissan GT-R with a mid-engine, as an experiment, and the result is an oddly similar car to the mid-engine super-GT, too. When studying the matter, the idea of ​​a GTR with a mid-engine and a more expensive price does not seem ridiculous or unrealistic, because Nissan has actually raised the price and luxury level of the GTR over the past years, and let us mention that the car started at less than $ 100,000 = in 2007. And now if you want to buy the GTR Nismo 2020, you will need more than 200,000 dollars =. Nissan has not yet revealed the details of the next generation of the GTR, and if it confirmed that the brand has a future, and perhaps we will see it in the form of a hybrid supercar to compete with the hybrid models from Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren and Porsche

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