Most car owners neglect annual tire sizing, due to the lack of direct effect of avoiding doing so directly, but in reality it is not something that can be underestimated.

Tire alignment refers to the distribution of the vehicle’s weight proportionally on its axis of rotation, as this indicates that the center of weight is on the same footstep as the center of rotation.

Car tire sizing also includes ensuring that the caster angle is adjusted, which indicates the angle of each tire in relation to the parallel tire. In the event that this alignment is lost, your car may deviate to the right or left, while the camber angle is concerned with making sure that the angle of the wheels is completely right on the ground. To prevent tire wear, while the right angle indicates the direction of tire pulling, whether it is to the right or left, which may result in an annoying creaking sound if it is not adjusted.

In the end, it can be said that aligning the tires and adjusting their angles helps you to drive without deviations while protecting the tires for a longer period, as some experts refer to the importance of stacking twice a year, spread over the summer and winter seasons, while others believe that once is enough.

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