During the summer season, we all feel the value and importance of the car air conditioner due to its great ability to soften the atmosphere around us, but some cars suffer from a special problem which is the high temperature of the engine after the air conditioner is running, so today we will take a simple look at the reasons behind that.

In the beginning, we find that the engine’s temperature rise is often due to the air conditioner fan, as it may be small and unable to withstand operation for continuous long periods, which leads to a decrease in the quality of cooling and thus an increase in the load on the engine, which increases its temperature.

Besides, it is possible that there is a problem in the water cycle inside the cooling circuit that hinders its movement, as this problem is due to a malfunction or damage to the water pump, which in this case needs to be changed, while making sure to use the coolant fluids recommended in the car’s manual.

Finally, the third reason that contributes to the engine overheating after operating the air conditioner is the lack of water in the radiator or its clogging, and for this it must be sure to check the radiator periodically while maintaining the water level in it.

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