The gear is the second most important mechanical piece in any car after the engine, and it includes many different parts, including the gear base that fixes the gearbox to the chassis to reduce the intensity of vibrations from the gearbox in order to increase the comfort of passengers and the driver.

The base used to be made of rubber or iron, but in recent years it has moved to fiberglass in most of its parts, while continuing to use rubber in its lower part.

Signs of damage to the gear base appear through the occurrence of multiple jolts in the car while driving, especially when changing gear or in the presence of a manual transmission, in addition to the appearance of large vibration by pressing the petrol.

In order to preserve the life of the base and avoid damage, experts advise avoiding sudden pressure on the throttle, in order to avoid the emission of more pressure on the rubber part of the gear base while it tries to reduce the vibrations, which works to wear it faster.

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