Most companies provide their cars with different warning signs and symbols to alert drivers of the various dangers inherent in many of their parts, but many owners neglect such important and dangerous instructions, and for this we will show you today some of the most dangerous parts of cars that you should pay attention to.

Engine furnace

The most dangerous parts of cars start with the engine oven, which is located near the combustion system, and it works to absorb the exhaust resulting from the combustion process of the fuel, so it always carries a warning logo to warn that it is necessary to avoid touching that part because of its high temperature in a way that could lead to some burns if not Prepare well before touching it.

fuel tank

Because the tank contains highly flammable materials, this part of the car is also among the parts that are always covered with a warning sign that provides several important instructions.

Fan motor

The engine in all cars has its own cooling fan located between it and the radiator, which is considered a high-temperature area, and the fan suddenly works to improve cooling according to the temperature, so we will find a warning sign of how important it is to make sure that the fan is not touched because it may cause Injuries to the hands.


Finally, we reach the main part dedicated to cooling the engine with cars, which is the radiator that is filled with water to absorb the temperature from the engine and its temperature rises very high, and for this there are warning signs on the top of the body and cover of the radiator due to the possibility of severe burns upon opening it.

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