Cleaning and caring for the car is one of the important factors that preserve it, so today we offer you a number of home recipes for car care instead of specialized, expensive materials, which were recommended by the German Automobile Club (AvD).

One of the household items recommended by experts is alcohol diluted with water and can be used as a glass cleaner inside the cabin, as a slight sediment layer is formed on it as a result of operating the air conditioner during the summer.

Experts cautioned that the car windows should be dried immediately after cleaning with alcohol, and a clean absorbent cloth is used for cleaning

The Germans indicated a simple way in which the moisture formed inside the interior cabin, which causes water vapor to condense on the glass, is to use some rolled walnuts, by placing them inside a piece of linen cloth in the front passenger’s feet space, and they added that placing a bowl filled with table salt Inside the cabin it performs the same effect.

Experts revealed other ways to take care of the car, including the use of glycerin and baby powder (talc), by placing glycerin on a piece of cloth, then applying it to the rubber of the doors in order to maintain its flexibility, and baby powder can also be added to the door rubber to prevent its hardening and cracking.

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